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Liberating your inner professional starts now

Liberating your inner professional starts now

Conducting yourself in the workplace seems like a no-brainer but surprisingly not many people know how to. What you may think is okay may be frowned upon by your co-workers and/or superiors. You may be oblivious to your own emotions and ethics when others are all to aware and you may think that loud chewing of gum may be subtle to you but in reality it’s a squishy nightmare to the environment around you. We shall go over a few tips to help you become the apex worker in your office and not the guy who ‘did it again’.

  • Hygiene– I cannot stress the importance of your hygiene enough, you may not be aware of your scent because you inhale it every second of every day BUT don’t allow your sense of smell to fool you into thinking you don’t need cologne because you can still smell yesterdays or that you don’t need deodorant because of a light workload for the day. Your co-workers are stuck with you for 8 hours or more. Please, smell good. ALWAYS wear deodorant and always spray a respectable amount of cologne on yourself. Keep your teeth brushed, hair cleaned/trimmed and hands sanitized and washed (especially when using the restroom behind somebody). Just because you are keeping yourself cleansed doesn’t mean your co-workers are.
  • Constructive criticism-Nobody likes destructive criticism so let’s keep it at a respectful level. If you see a flaw or a mistake on a co-workers project or idea politely let them know (afterwards if they are in a presentation) that they are on the right track but there’s just a few minor tweaks they may need in order to perfect their project, but congratulate them on their work. Most of the time they’ll kindly accept this and in the future when you have a project that is missing that little something they can provide that vital information, just as you had done for them.
  • Responsibilities-It’s easy to blame the next person for something going wrong but blaming somebody else when a situation is clearly your fault is unprofessional and just plain childish, own up to your mistakes and counter with great productivity. Take responsibility not only for blunders but for upcoming projects and other date lines, nobody likes working with a finger-pointing slacker.
  • Work with your boss, not against them– This is by no means brown-nosing or getting the edge on the competition, this is in actuality helping to create a work environment fitting for everybody. Communication with your superior can exponentially increase productivity due to clarity between the two parties, if you have a question ask him/her in private. Also give the boss any heads up on any work malfunctions that may be hampering the environment, ever had to deal with a broken coffee maker? Yeah, not very fun gentlemen.
  • Dress to respect– No need to be the show-off in the office who has to always have the one over the next person, it’s cool to dress savvy but just a bit, anything over the top will come off as arrogant and snooty.
  • Courteous to others space– Ever had that one person come up to you just to say hello and share casual chit-chatter, seems polite at first, but then they don’t leave and you don’t wish to be rude but deep down you’re thinking “SCRAM!” They see you have a boatload of papers but they continue about their wonderful weekend with the kids in Clearwater and blah blah blah…yea.. don’t be that person. Ever had that one lady who just loves to share her favorite artist with the world minus the headphones and without a care in the world begins to sing along with the lyrics until they are firmly ingrained in the heads of everyone around. That was space you could have used for something else, now its occupied by Keith Urban…yeah…don’t be that person.
  • Treat the trainees kindly- They are the wheels on the bus that go round and round, well eventually they will be, assist them the same way you were or would’ve liked to and help them so the office can be more efficient than what it previously was. Who knows, this shaky new guy can one day be a stud.


Don't be the reason your co-workers do this

Don’t be the reason your co-workers do this

Be the reason they do this

Be the reason they do this

In short, keeping a professional etiquette about you while in the workplace will go a long way in cultivating your career and keeping a happy and steady environment prospering for future generations to come. The steps you take to improving yourself in all the aforementioned will pay dividends for everybody and just may place a decisive factor in that promotion you been looking for! Good show! Now let’s take your professionalism to another level! And please, comment below for any feedback or any of your own tips that may prove useful, I just may include them! Until we meet again!


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