Humor:To Laugh is to Live

Now this guy gets it!

Now this guy gets it!

If you are humorous you are well-liked, period, but if you are rude you are revoked and disliked among your peers and the rest of your social acquaintances. If being a gentleman is an avenue you wish to pursue than a humorous attitude is as essential as a suit with its tie, and as with any good thing an abundance of it could be viewed as ‘over the top’ or ‘too much’. We are not creating class clowns here but rather an individual with a sprinkle of hahas and heehees here and there, so as too not confuse what’s considered ‘Funny’ and whats considered ‘Obnoxious’ we will be covering both in an attempt to turn that awkward moment you COULD create into a genuine funny moment you SHOULD create, Let’s begin shall we?

1. Be aware of what you say and how you say it- It’s important to be cautious of how you deliver a joke or funny reference, some people have a funny switch ingrained in them that just flicks on and off with no degree of sensitivity in between. If you have this ‘switch’ please remove it and replace it with a knob, understand that you can say something one way but it may come out sounding like something completely different to someone else, for example; If I were to say “WHY ARE WE HAVING THIS MEETING?!” many would look at me like “…what’s his deal?” vs. how they would view me if I had simply turned it down and said “Why are we having this meeting?” Most likely my approach would be more accepting and reasonable. It’s not just what you say but how you say it. IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SAY BUT HOW YOU SAY IT!!! See what I mean? Let’s continue.

2. Don’t cross the line- We all have had this happen to us before, said something that we thought was harmless but in the process inadvertently offended someone and that can be very costly to your image especially if this is someone whom you just met. We live in a world where the things we say can be taken out of context if it’s not viewed as acceptable or politically correct, if you’re testing someone’s sense of humor please be vigilant in what you say and also in what you do. A perfect example of this would be a certain Halloween picture that was posted last year, it showed a girl with two of her male friends and they were all dressed up in their costumes, while what she was wearing wasn’t distasteful what her two friends were wearing outraged a lot of people myself included. The two ‘gentlemen’ and I use that word very loosely with these two imbeciles, were wearing costumes pertaining to Trayvon Martin’s murder, one had his face painted black with a hoodie and some skittles while the other had a ‘Neighborhood Security’ watch shirt on. The girl who posted this garbage said that it was intended to be funny and just a joke but there is nothing funny about a child’s murder no matter who was right and who was wrong, be tasteful gentlemen.

Laughter is contagious

Laughter is contagious

 3. Don’t try to force it– Ohhhhh how many times I say how many times has this happened to us lol we find ourselves in a position to deliver a joke or say something clever but end up folding in the process. Opportunities to be hilarious will present themselves 2 or 3 times during a conversation and only the truly observant will capitalize, but how exactly do you when to be funny and when to keep it kosher? Well quite simply the chance will find you, building a conversation with a friend or new-found acquaintance is much like constructing a house and like every house you need windows, instead of looking for these windows of opportune let them find you and once they do be ready to open up clever antics. People will enjoy talking to you more if you find ways to make them laugh even if the conversation is far from funny, humor is the cousin of charm so be sure to know this family well.

When trying to be funny goes wrong

When trying to be funny goes wrong

 4. If you’re not funny….– Than don’t even press it. Someone who isn’t funny but thinks they are funny are masters of awkward moments, I can’t sit here and tell you how many times some co-worker and myself would share some really good laughs and someone would come along and try to add to the humor with a weak and watered down joke, it’s very awkward to go from laughing to wishing you were away somewhere else in 3 seconds. Although some individuals think they are funny and wish to prove it time and time again they are some who KNOW they are NOT funny but wonder whether they should take the stage and make people laugh, to those who think like this I highly advise that you do not, unless you are sharing some already funny material from an accomplished comedian or show. Being funny is a skill and some people have this skill and some don’t and if you are not willing to put in the time to learn how to be funny please spare yourself, rather, instead of making people laugh go to guy or gal who does make people laugh and enjoy yourself, sometimes it’s best to laugh rather than to make others laugh.


I hope this helped and feel free to drop a like and share this with someone. If you have the gift of comedy please share it but in a very tasteful manner and if you’re not funny just be content with laughing, its just as fun! Thank you reading, Have a great day!

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