Chivalry:It’s Not Dead

Yesterday's noble Knights

Yesterday’s Noble Knights

Chivalry is dead. Well at least that’s the opinion of most people in today’s society. When we think chivalry we usually associate it with knights in shining armor kissing the hand of the damsel whom they just rescued, nobility at it’s finest. Though the days of knights wondering the land in search of wrongs that need to be righted are over we still have certain codes that we uphold to this day. You don’t have to be a hero to be chivalrous, nor do you need a fancy moniker or attire to match, the key lies within your own will to be of a service to any trouble or of any assistance to the ones who need it. It is a code of righteousness that separates the ordinary male from the perfect gentleman. It’s not an easy to maintain this role and society will sometimes do it’s best to rattle our composers. So in response let’s tighten those ties and button those shirts, here are a few ways to keep chivalry alive and well.

                      Daily Milestones

Standardize your way of interacting with the people around you and pick and choose when you can make positive influences, whether it be at the workplace or a simple social outing with friends. Rome was not built-in a day and this form of association is no different, pace yourself friend, there’s no need to try to perfect your etiquette all in one evening nor in one week for that matter, this will take a lot of time. Assist with the little things first such as opening a door for someone, pulling a chair for a friend, or giving advice that can go a long way in someone’s future. Be sure to take mental count of what you do, go home and reflect from your success and raise the bar a bit more, perhaps you may want to do 5 great deeds rather than your 3 from yesterday. Though it should be natural instinct to help someone those action will not be held in account, these particular milestones are moments when you LOOK to enrich a life not FEEL FORCED to.


Honor is another lost form of virtue that rarely shows its head anymore. In a world full of violence, drugs, and sex we often overlook the individuals who fight to keep these ideas alive. ‘Fight’ is not an over statement here folks, honor is a belief that people will die for and the wills of the fallen that read ‘Death before Dishonor’ hold true. So how do we preserve such fragile matter? With the title above that’s how. Chivalry and Honor are brother and sister in the world of etiquette and you simply can’t have one without the other, if you maintain a code of chivalry the honor will follow, at times it will seem so non-existent but it’s presence is evident. Picking up a ten-dollar bill and returning it to its rightful owner who just dropped it is not only a chivalrous act but an honorable one as well. Refusing a contest because it impose unfair advantages on your behalf not only is a chivalrous act but an honorable one as well. They correlate with each other and if you have one than you certainly have the other, hats off to you sir!


Alas!  The part where the sword meets the shield and the hum of arrows fling from bows. The part where the battlefield is catapulted with boulders and the castle is in disarray from the war at hand. The part where a hero emerges from the forest and joins the fray on the back of his most faithful white steed, his armor trapping the reflection of warfare as he storms the castles entrance. The part where he raises his sword to the sky and the sunlight finds refuge in the stainless steels edges, the fighting around him seems to cease and within a breath the soldiers in conflict see the valor in the eyes of this warrior. The land would never be the same afterwards. But fast forward to 2014 and that type of scene is gone. However, the fire of valor is a flame that will never be doused, but whether that fire is destructive or helpful is completely on the warrior. As a budding or perfect gentleman we all have a fight for what’s right and will fight for our beliefs, constructively of course. Be firm in your ideas and perceptions and allow no one to destroy either of the two, don’t be afraid to share your valor, not everyone is strong enough to summon it themselves, standing up for a co-worker is a perfect example here. Keeping your devotion to your art form is another, sometimes we slip or simply lose faith in the ‘gentleman way’, your valor is what will save you and your drive and commitment to the art will get you back on your loafers. Just like a boxer in the final round a gentleman will not back down, because under that ‘gentle’ man there lies a force of nature in which the likes of this world has only temporarily seen. If this force is the pool from which we draw our etiquette, than our valor must certainly be the springboard. So dive in!

Chivalry isn’t dead

Today's Noble Knights

 -Today’s Noble Knights

Conclusion To conclude this section the forgotten form, chivalry, is still alive but doing well is another story for another time. The road to ‘gentleman perfection’ is a long one and for some it may take a lifetime or two to attain such a remarkable status, but don’t allow procrastination and frustration decide your quest! As long as your valor is strong you will prevail! Continue to set daily milestones for yourself and continue to break them, pretty soon your actions will become second nature! As for your honor let no one take it away from you, for it is a key essential in becoming a gentleman. I wish you all the best of luck and please if you have any more ideas you would like to propose or any feedback than feel free to comment below, your thoughts matter. We are all aspiring to get better and if my two cents can help just one person than this excerpt was definitely worth the time and effort! Until we meet again, God Bless!

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