Charisma:The Gift



Charisma…what is it? Which people have it? And why do people want it? Well, simply put charisma is that ‘it’ factor that transforms your typical Clark Kent into Superman. It’s that magnetic force a person exudes that pulls all unsuspecting victims into its enticing orbit and you like it, dare I say love it. We all know at least one charismatic person in our circles of friends, family and acquaintances. We often study them from afar sometimes and wonder what it is that makes them so likeable and popular, more times than not we take a piece of what makes them highly regarded and emulate it into our own arsenal of “Good mornings” “Good evenings” and “Good day.” But sometimes that’s not enough, we want to know what really makes them tick so define like a finely tuned Luxury sedan under a May shower, Well fret not my friends! I’m here to usher you into a new world, a world where people are drawn to your aura and your influence stretches as far as the eagle eye can see! Being charismatic is an intangible that can take anyone very far in life IF properly handled with care and caution. We don’t want to tarnish your image thus gaining you infamy, rather the opposite, so let’s cover a few qualities that’ll help reveal that ‘S’ on your chest. Shall we begin?

1.)Fluent Body language– Ah yes!  Your body language can indeed be smooth and fluent as it should be! Why would someone want to listen to what you have to say with your mouth if your body language doesn’t correlate to the message you are trying to get across? I understand sometimes the stress of the day and the expectations we are expected to live up to can be very demanding and downright unfair sometimes, but as a charismatic person it is your duty to show the world you are unfazed and in fact you want more!!! This attitude will draw people towards you, slowly garnering a mass amount of envious supporters. Whether they publicly voice it or not, you will become the person that everyone roots for and isn’t that just a magical feeling?

2.)Kill them with kindness
– I’m sure a few people have heard this term used before and it’s popular for a reason, allow me to ask you question. Have you ever seen someone whom you never met and automatically labeled  them a ‘thug’ or just someone who was ‘No good?’ And did you meet that person just to find out your assumptions were completely wrong and quite the opposite? That person would go on to become one of the nicest and generous individuals you ever had the pleasure to meet and all you could do was shake your head at your own ignorance. Well I have, a multitude of times as a matter of fact and every time my mind was blown, the maliciousness I had for these people I never met was extinguished or more accurately ‘killed.’ It was their own kindness that destroyed all prior assumptions and made me think twice, the feeling of being wrong in this case is staggering, you really learn a lot about yourself when you misjudge people and it’s a feeling you don’t want to feel again. So to avoid that feeling again why not take a page out your new friend’s book and start shining that new sword of kindness you just forged, you never know when it’ll need to strike. Now I’m not telling anyone to get a real sword and name it ‘kindness’ and go on a rampage lol oh goodness no lol but what I am suggesting is that you integrate a higher degree of kindness and generosity into your persona. Not only does it make you feel better as a person but the blessings you receive will be bountiful, not to mention a victim will fall to your kindness and hopefully create a change in themselves as was they change you yourself experienced. It’s a domino effect and there’s no telling how many lives you can positively alter…so…is this charisma thing rubbing off on you yet?

When charisma is golden it shine just as bright

When charisma is golden it shines just as bright

3.)Dress for success– This is 2014 and if you are still dressing to impress than it’s no wonder you are getting no where. There is absolutely no reason why one should be concerned with what someone else thinks of his or her appearance. A person’s choice of dress should not be dictated by what is accepted by society nor should it be based off the latest trend, your style of dress should completely revolve around where you are trying to go in this vast world of ours. Whether the successful look you are going for includes slacks or jeans, skirts or capris it shouldn’t matter as long as it is an instrument in your monumental climb to the top. So dress presentable your attire should be attracting the eyes of opportunity not the eyes of fashion judges.


Good listening skill are essential to a gentleman's arsenal

Good listening skills are essential to a gentleman’s arsenal

4.)Just listen–  Really just listen, a person who talks more than they listen is missing out on a lot, you never know what vital information you can pick up if you just close your mouth and open your ears my friend. Additionally, there’s just something comforting about a listener that makes even the most socially challenge want to open up their own talk shows. I’ve become a famed listener among my friends and family and they know who to turn to when they need some advice or just an ear to vent on. Listening can be just as if not more effective than speaking, just make sure you have both of these skills polished though, you can’t have one without the other.

5.)Become unforgettable– As my life has progressed I have learned a few things, some were good and others were just heart wrenching. It is these experiences that set the blueprints for what we can be but it’s our responses to everyday situations that make us who we are and with that being said I firmly believe we are all legendary in our own ways. Everyday we make decisions that add-on to our legacies and when our physical bodies can no longer keep up with the world and we’re gone the only thing that’s left behind is our legacies, whether you leave behind your legacy in the form of children, a successful business, or as that person who never gave up. We will be remembered in some form or fashion so with that being said be unforgettable, try to leave your imprint on as many people as you can, try to touch the lives of as many people as you can and be as positive as possible, the power of influence is not to be underestimated. It’s the small things that matter, things that you yourself may deem as miniscule but may be huge to someone else. I remember back when I was in middle school I gave this girl a Valentine and a few years ago while i was pumping gas I saw her and one of the first things she brought up was that Valentine I gave her, turns out before me she never received one and it really meant a lot to her, she never forgot it. The fact that we as humans have the ability to change another persons life is astounding and while I’m here my goal is to positively influence as many people as I possibly can. Whether it be through physical encounters or social networking, I want to be remembered in a positive light when I’m gone and I’m sure my readers here want the same as well. It’s human nature to want to do good and to be good and the great part about that is it’s so easy, escorting an elderly across the street or opening a door for someone isn’t going to kill you, you’ll live longer in fact. We can’t help everybody but we can do is toss as many life jackets as possible, leave your mark, that way someone can pick up where you left off.

Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe

Lucille Ball

Dean Martin

Sammy Davis Jr.

Frank Sinatra

What would a charisma segment be without some of the most charismatic icons to ever grace the earth. In respectful order (Ladies first) Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball(Gentlemen)Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra. These figures were iconic in their days, even gaining the admiration of the presidents of their era’s, Kennedy, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton to name a few. It was just something magnetic about this collection that people could not fight and it’s easy to see why. With kindness that killed, body language that spoke for itself, listening skills that catapulted their careers, looks that spelled success and an unforgettable imprint on the lives they touched it’s no wonder why these figures will forever be ingrained in most memories. They were wonderful and charismatic individuals, and although their physically gone their legacies live on…now it’s your turn. Charisma is but one small quality in our quests for greatness but it’s important so let today be the first day you make a major impact and write a chapter in your legacy! This has been ‘The Gentleman’ thank you for reading and God Bless.

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