Attire: The Unspoken Language

The way a man dress says a plethora of how he feels about himself and where he is going in life. So with that being said let’s take a look at the images below and see if we can decipher a difference between the two, think you can spot the contrast? Well let’s see.

What??? Why???


Here’s our first gentleman, now let’s take a gander at our second.

Now that’s more like it!


Did you see it? Well of course you did but in today’s society the difference is much more vague than one would think, allow me to elaborate. The young man who has his pants sagged has become victimized by this generations fashion sense and as a result this act of ‘sagging’ has become acceptable and it’s everywhere we look. These young man believe this is okay and that it looks good but it doesn’t and it hurts me to see this, now don’t get me wrong here gentlemen, some of the nicest people I have met in this world either had sagging pants, a face full of tattoos or a torso full of piercings(True story) but this isn’t a segment about character and I do not want  to seem like I’m coming off as venomous towards the people who decide to dress this way because I’m not, it’s just a huge wardrobe malfunction and I know they can do better. I have come across a lot of guys who WANT to look better but say the more ‘upscale’ look is outside their budgets, one friend of mine said specifically he wants to ‘look his age’ with his appearance but didn’t know how, others on the other hand want to look better but don’t wish to wear a suit all the time to achieve a more professional and manly look and I can completely understand their thoughts. I know it’s hard to suddenly change something that you have been so comfortable with but if it’s change you want than it’s change you shall pursue. As a gentleman in ‘today’s’ society it’s not expected to constantly wear a suit and tie and quite frankly you don’t have to, there are many days when I settle for a white V-neck and jeans with a nice belt and nice shoes because as we know it’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it. Those same jeans I wear can easily be sagged if I pleased but my choice of undergarments is for me and only me to know. My fellow gents should feel the same way and indeed a real gentleman will wear his clothes appropriately and as  intended. Hey look, This doesn’t mean you’re a dork or ‘lame’ if you wear your clothes right, in fact, it will take you much further in life if you apply this tactic to your fashion arsenal and I implore you to do so for it shows you have direction and a plan. You can either spend your life stuck in first gear or you can man up and shift gears, ultimately the choice is yours my friend, so make the right one.



Pictured above is Singer/Songwriter Ne-yo. I mention Ne-yo because I truly believe he is the poster child for today’s perception of a gentleman. Now before I get a lot of hate and obscenity spam know this, I have done my homework and I understand the rules of a ‘true’ gent does not completely apply to Ne-yo. He does not have a signature coat of arms(Or not to my knowledge he doesn’t) and he doesn’t hail from a royal bloodline(Once again not that I know of) but he serves the perfect blend of today’s gents and yesterdays lost knights with an extravagant style of dress. For the young men who want to look better but do not wish to include five or ten suits in their wardrobe this is a perfect example of how to look stylish without constantly adjusting the tie and cufflinks. Now am I asking you to dress like Ne-yo? Goodness no, because originality is what makes you who YOU are but what I am suggesting is to take a page from his book and apply it to your own chapter of ‘How to Look Good and Own It!’ Whether you wish to purchase a nice button up shirt or a long sleeve is up to you, if you believe that five dollar white tee from your local cornerstone can help you achieve the look you are going for than go for it just make sure it fits you now lol but in all seriousness I see so many young and older men that dress so below standard but are very nice and respectful individuals and it saddens me that society will never take lads like this more serious just because of the way they dress, sad but true. I just wish these lads would make a more conscious effort towards their choice of clothing and by including this page in my site I hope I at least inspired one to take that trip to Macy’s, the GAP or K&G fashions for that matter, style is everywhere. Trade in at least one of your New Era fitted hats for a nice fedora, put down that chain and put on a nice tie it’s not going to hurt, I want you guys to look good so let’s do it, I promise you that you will notice a difference, mark my words.

The infamous Rachel Zoe


Ah! What a surprise! In honor of one of the most stylish women on the planet I shall bid adieu on this timeless quote by none other. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”..Truer words were never uttered. The way you dress tells me and the populace around us who you are and since that’s the case I expect to be impressed, deep down inside I know there is magnificence stored inside you, I just hope your clothes can keep up with it. Don’t forget, the world is your runway and anybody who gets in your way is nothing more than a red carpet, that goes for my gentlemen and women. I hope I inspired,  if you enjoyed what you read please drop a like and feel free to share this with someone, thank you for choosing us, dress smart and God Bless.

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