“…………”:Music to my Ears

I, like most people, have a few pet peeves that drive me insane and unfortunately due to a few circumstances I had to face one in particular this week that makes me cringe.

So late last year I purchased a 2003 Cadillac DTS that was in fairly good condition. However, a few issues did arise and so I was forced to catch the bus, no big deal considering years back I was very reliant on city transit. So catching the bus was an easy transition but as I would soon find out it was a little too easy…


My first day was smooth and so was my second but on the third day a certain passenger boarded with headphones blaring as he paid his toll. I could hear them from my seat which was about six rows from the front and was able to hear even better as he sat a couple seats behind me. I actually didn’t have too much of a problem with the loud chiming as it wasn’t too annoying and it was a long day so I figured it was a stress reliever perhaps…but…than it happened…Ricky Rich’s pet peeve No.2: Singing out loud in a transit crowd.

I’m sorry it wasn’t singing it was more like short term memory loss free styling. You know the rap a few words, mumble a few words, than rap a few more. Now I’m not biased against hip-hop, I love it actually, I’m also not against talented indie artist. A well timed harmonious song that inspires would get a pass in a setting like this one. But when it’s this off key offensive mumbo jumbo that these kids listen to nowadays I can’t bare it and I didn’t. After a few minutes to allow him the chance to realize how loud he was being I turned and said quote; “Excuse me” I motioned with my hands “Excuse me sir!” He looked at me and muted or paused his music. I said with a smile “I know you’re not doing it on purpose but you’re being kind of loud man, think you can…” I motioned down with my hands “…tone it down a little bit?” He didn’t look too happy but he nodded and looked away. He stayed true to his nod. You don’t always get the response you want no matter how polite and genuine your actions but as a gentleman you get used to it.


Etiquette comes in all shapes and forms, it’s not just restricted to food, social outings and the common such. Etiquette is very subtle and it presents itself in very minute forms including headphones…yes headphone etiquette. So gentlemen…don’t be that guy. Don’t be the king of karaoke on when the mic isn’t in your hand. Have a degree of respect for other passengers and keep it to yourself and then when you depart you can sing whatever you want. Every cause has an effect gentlemen and it’s up to you to make it the ‘G’ effect.

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