Status Quo

Keeping your head above water can be tough.

Keeping your head above water can be tough.

Thank goodness I rediscovered myself in time! The burning rage of angst was fast arising only to be doused by the rain of reason..and so..I allowed the bellowing buffoon to blow hot air as he cut me and another lady in line at the local market. However, the woman behind me was not as non-chalant but an ‘easy does it’ wave of my hand calmed her, but not without a grunt and a shake of her head. The dunce of line 4 continued his rash and arrogant behavior from swift interruptions of the patrons in front of him to well-timed swear words, truly, it was a sight to behold due to the art form of his rudeness and not it’s scenic tantrums. Although I was able to catch myself from spewing some words of my own, I realized that with each encounter that tests my character I find my composure shook. I’m starting to lose my footing in societies cavernous abyss. Irrationality and ignorance is starting to become the bane to my gentleman form and the kinks in my armor are slowly starting to show. Long ago, the traditional gentlemen were slowly killed off generation from generation through lackadaisical handling of gentleman codes and transparent reinforcement of positive conduct. Because of this unenthusiastic will to adapt, the gentlemen breed paid a hefty price and to this day those dues are still making deposits. It’s time we withdraw from this mediocrity and retake our place as well respected individuals of our respective communities. Easier said than done right? Right. For there is nearly nothing left for us. No one to pioneer the way and show us that there’s more to being a man than nice clothes, cool cars, and pretty women. More to man hood than uncontrollable testosterone and stubborn pride backed by 600 horse powered sex drives..when will it end? That’s a question I often I ask myself…with an answer I often cannot find…


The only thing I tend to find is another question. “Will today be the day?” Will today be the day I fall victim to the status quo and become what is viewed as ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal’ by society? It seems being all around ill-mannered is the norm and anything of the opposite warrants a strange look and snickering. Since when did the code I worked so hard to uphold became a joke? Since when has kindness become a weakness, a sickness, useless…..sometimes the shock leaves me speechless. But I must speak out! If not for my present day gentlemen than for my predecessors. Do not throw your good natures to the wayside. Remain stout and fight for what you believe in. I refuse to sit idly by and watch another generation of gentlemen be killed off by false portrayals of what a man should be. Pushing drugs does not make you a man. Multiple women does not make you a man. High priced cars and clothes does not make you a man. Morals, ethics, standards, confidence, righteousness, courage and a dominant spirit..these are things that make you a man or at the very least put you on the right track to becoming one. In this world it’s easy to lose sight of yourself and people like the one I encountered earlier today makes it that much harder to stay in character. However, it is a struggle that I find myself on the muddy side on sometimes and that is where i’ll pick up next time….after I pick up this orange that guy made me drop.(sigh) Stay cordial guys.

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