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Whew! As I continue to delve deeper into the newly born 2015 I can’t help but show my excitement! A new year is reminiscent to a new job or new relationship, both with outstanding upside! This is the time of the year where resolutions are made with the intent to FINALLY follow through on them. With trees bearing their bare limbs, animals awakening from their hibernation and cold fronts sweeping the remainder of 2014 from under our noses we can all take a deep breath of FRESH air and allow our visions of the upcoming year soar to monumental heights.

For some, this will be the year to lose that annoying layer of belly fat that doesn’t seem to go away. For others it will be to stop smoking or sober up from the addiction their struggling with…Maybe it’s to eat sushi for the first time for another. Whatever it may be there are going to be some ‘First Times’ for a lot of people but that is to be expected when you step outside your comfort zone. So it came as no surprise when a confused friend of mines reiterated the two words I’ve become so accustomed to hearing these past three years. “Perfect Gentleman?” he said, “…how can someone be a Perfect Gentleman?” To which I replied “How can one not?”As expected his bewilderment grew and soon the conversation transitioned into something else, however, I was upset with myself for my lack of elaboration. More upset than losing my favorite silk tie. Jeesh! This happens a bit too often and most times I ‘m so bound by time or lack thereof that I just simply cannot sit and give a thorough explanation of a title that, as well as confusion, is receiving some ridicule to boot. It was only after this most recent conversation with my friend that I decided to go into depth and give full details. So let’s take a look into what it is to be a ‘Perfect Gentleman’ and why it is the cause of so much confusion. Whether anyone leaves this page feeling different or indifferent to this post is second tier as long as the information is broadcast in its most purest form and understood for what it is..the rest my friends is up to you.


#Nailed It

#Nailed It


Perfect Gentleman…to understand what this is we must first go into depth with another word that comes off as a bit sketchy..perfect. Most of us are under the impression that the word ‘perfect’ is flawless. Incomparable. Unblemished. Even downright..holy? Certainly there is immense insinuation of perfect when speaking on the exemplary Creator and whether you believe or not we can all agree that ‘God’ and ‘perfect’ have a very big correlation with one another. That’s just a scale to show the degree of power the word also shows a high magnitude of skepticism. Because the word holds so much power and is a gold standard in itself many people believe that perfection is an inobtainable goal, hence the saying “No ones perfect”. While certainly true on an universal platform  I respectfully disagree. Just the mere presence of the word itself shows it belongs and exist in this world, the problem is where and that’s when things get messy. When I say ‘Perfect Gentleman” I do not mean a gentleman who is flawless in every aspect of the traditional gentleman code nor do I mean a gentleman with perfect looks. A ‘Perfect Gentleman’ is very rather the opposite. Confirmation of being a ‘Perfect Gentleman’ doesn’t come from the outside world but from the gentleman himself…for what is perfect but an opinion? A song that plays on the radio may explain your life or situation…perfectly…but to another it may be just another song with no relative meaning. You may find your husband/wife perfect for you but to someone else they may be a pain in the derriere. Your car settings may be perfectly suited for you and your driving style but someone else may have to adjust the seat and mirrors when they take the wheel. Simply put, the word ‘perfect’ is a tailored opinion and as we all know everyone has opinions. It’s at this point that ‘perfect’ becomes ridiculed when encoded as opinion. It can come off as very snooty and tacky when people overdue it and just scribble perfection all across their characteristics and personality. It’s okay to have a high opinion of yourself as long as you worked hard to ensure that opinion is factual to you. For a long time I worked tirelessly to build myself up to the person I am today. I endured hardships just like everyone else does in this world but unlike a varied percentage of the populace I didn’t let the ‘easy way out’ paths dictate the roads I chose to take and as a result I am perfectly happy with who I am. Perfectly Happy. And that is a fact. It’s also my opinion that I’m pretty intelligent, that is fact to me. Not to mention the dimensions of my nose was tailored made for me and only me, it’s perfect for me, but seriously, to shy away from the word perfect and put it on a pedestal thats out of reach is preposterous to me. If we are shrouded in imperfections than you must have some perfections right? Something about you must have self-tailored fits specifically to you whether it be a trait, an object, or idea…something or someone is perfect for you..but that’s just my opinion. And as far as the word ‘Gentleman’ goes I think we can all form a pretty solid definition and pending on what definitions are conjured I can assume half of you put together a gentleman that is perfect in your eyes lol just kidding. But one thing I do not joke about is the current monotonous state of chivalry that has deduced greatness from this era of gentleman and so this last piece is for you all seeking a way out of that gray matter and into your ‘Perfect Gentleman’ roles.


Timothy Dalton as James Bond


“Don’t think. Just let it happen “- James Bond(The Living Daylights)

However, the mission will not be easy and it’s as long and treacherous as the vast world you’re preparing to trek and unless you find that Alpha male within it will have its way with you. Enter the gentleman. Although it may seem like perfection is a long way away as long as you continue to do your best to the best of your abilities you will be well on your way. Continue to treat others with respect and be a professional everywhere you go. Be courteous to others the way you’d like them to be courteous to you and display your chivalry. Keep your thirst for knowledge unsatisfied and watch your mouth especially around children. If you apply yourself and do these things to the best of YOUR abilities you CAN be a ‘Perfect Gentleman’. Every day will bring a new challenge but you must rise above these obstacles and make your mark.

With the way society is these days just a gentleman would be a huge sigh of relief and welcomed with open arms, sadly, the days of the gentleman being society’s poster child are long and gone. Hopefully that can change and hopefully I was able to clear things up for some people although I know there are still naysayers who think otherwise. That’s okay. I knew the mission would be tough and even though things get rough at times I wouldn’t trade this assignment for another,and so the mission continues. I chose right, and the right code name too. Yeah. Perfect Gentleman.

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